Tape that will probably have a stupid name

by Genius Party

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released April 8, 2013

Danny - guitar, vocals
Al - bass, vocals
GB - drums, backup vocals

Recorded by the delightful Michael Briggs at Macaroni Island



all rights reserved


Genius Party Fort Worth, Texas

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Track Name: Space Madness
You're always ready with a question
But you never take my suggestions
Not this month, not this year not fucking ever
Problem is, you've come through for me like never

When is this shit gonna end?
How long do I have to pretend?
You fucking let me down again
Is this how you treat all your friends?
Track Name: Hey Smaller Community Adjacent to or Within Commuting Distance of a City
When the rain comes you can't cross over the river anymore
When the snow falls you'll be sliding once you step outside the door
When the sun shines you'll burn up if you walk through parking lots
When the wind blows the leaf piles moved like monsters in the night

If you even last a day
Hallmark Hill's gonna wipe the smile off your face

When your neighbors go you'll never know who's living down the street
When the land's sold you won't be picking wildflowers anymore
When your parents call you better run home through abandoned back yards
When the trains rolls the metal squeals like monsters in the night
Track Name: Where the Party Never Stops
Fort Worth, TX sold me on too many dreams
Of people working together and getting shit done
But it turns out that politics are more important than friendships
And while you're making your plans, I'll be having fun

But I believe that you can make a difference
Without even trying, Without compromising
And I've been proven right over and over again
For the last 10 years

But it turns out that politics are more important than fucking anything
And I think that thinking gets in the way of getting shit done

But it turns out that politics are more important than friendships
So leave me out of your plans because they aren't any fun.
Track Name: Alison Like the Elvis Costello Song
Hope you don't think this is over, if you did I'd be too sad to sing a note cause
This was always at will
I know it's scary but still
It's the reason we're still around
With all the shit that gets us down
We wake up every day
That's pretty cool, you gotta say

I know I get so distracted, push stupid shit til I don't know why I'm pushing, but
Track Name: Get Confident, Stupid
I'm sick of hearing how green you are
You won't change the world by driving a hybrid car
It's too little, and it's too late
I'm not impressed by your bumper sticker

Your canvas tote bag doesn't explain your jeans
That's not fair trade cotton, or is it just me
It's too little and it's a joke
And I'm not impressed by your shopping habits

You're not gonna change the world
Because you won't give anything up

Do all you can as long as your lifestyle doesn't change
Your milk is organic and your veal is free range
It's too little and you're fooling yourself
And I'm not impressed by your fucking posturing
Track Name: Thirty Years of Decent Decisions
20 years without a dad those fuckers ask 'what could you have had?'
But some difference some half assed hustler would make right now
80 degrees at 6am bus is diverted for construction you're walking again
Cause the next one won't come for over an hour

Nobody's crying for you, maybe that's what they were trying to do so
Look back, fuck that, it's been a million years since summertime
Repent, get bent, you're never gonna see the sun again

50 bucks or they'll turn off the lights meds have gone up again so I guess tonight
Read your kids bedtime stories from memory
30 years I've been around, some bad decisions but mostly it all went down
Like every other white kid too smart for his own good
Track Name: L.R.E.I.T.I.H.B. With a Vengeance
You don't seem that great to me
But everyone else is an idiot in my eyes
I don't know why I'm supposed to be impressed
But compared to her it should be no surprise

I can't imagine being with anyone else
If something ever happens I better be happy with myself
She's irreplaceable and I'd be so alone forever

Don't even try to talk to me
Your breath smells like beer and cigarettes
And I can see the cracks in your makeup
And your stupid clothes and your stupid hair make you easy to forget
Track Name: Alpha Mailman
You may not know by looking, I'm fed up
I've been plotting and scheming so long I've had enough so
Don't want no ladder to climb
You jerks are wasting my time

Don't wanna work in an office, there's too much competition
Don't wanna be anyone's boss so I'm gonna be the alpha mailman

Don't need anymore school my brain is filled up
And those letters after your name are just so stuck up so
Don't want no ladder to climb
You fucks are wasting my time

I'm gonna wear light blue and
I'm gonna walk my route and
I'll never ever be sad again, no way
Track Name: Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck
I don't know when it happened but somehow
I've been in charge for way too long now

I'm older, I'm married, I'm working but I'm still way more punk than you
Your youth is being wasted because it doesn't matter what you do
So quit dying your hair and act like you care about what's going on
Because you won't be young for long
But it's not too late

It's bigger than everything
You should be embarrassed that the punkest guys in town are almost 30
So now it's your turn
Track Name: Keep Austin Beard
Make sure to go out every night
Make sure to order your high life just right
Make sure to take the gears off your bike
But don't ride anywhere south of ben white

Practicality's not real big here
Don't have time for it
You're busy keeping it weird

You think waterloo is just a tourist trap
But I'm not looking for your mandolin crap
In fact tonight I'm gonna go see the bats
Not sure your hipster brain can handle that

Complex concepts are new and different
Don't have time for them
You're busy keeping it weird